I’m an American-Irish expatriate currently living with my wife and cats in Co. Meath, Ireland.  Currently I’m a Mathematics undergraduate student at Trinity College Dublin, with interests in topology, logic, number theory and cryptography.

I’ve worked as a professional chef since 2006 in Ireland, Canada and the US.  I’m currently a Food & Drink Editor of TN2 Magazine, with a column focusing on student cookery.

I’ve also served as the editor of Huginn and The Irish Vegetarian; my writing has appeared in a variety of other publications including Fulltrui and Eternal Haunted Summer; and I’ve given lectures on food, history and runology at the Rathcroghan Spiritual Conference and Féile Draíochta.

I’m an award-winning photographer: you can view selections from my portfolio here.

I’m an (unaffiliated) WordPress trainer for individuals and groups, with a focus on helping computer-anxious people become comfortable with their first website.  I’ve got experience in visual design and typesetting for both print and web.

When I’m not working, I enjoy knitting and hiking.

You can contact me here.